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Monday, May 17, 2010


Hi everybody! I just would like to show my hubby's gift for my birthday. It's a pink gladiator/thong sandals from Grendha. I've been giving my hubby a lot of hints that I've been wanting these babies as gift. Well, it paid off! Or I guess my hubby just wants to get rid of my Croc-crocan shoes (which I bought for 100 pesos because I got tired of walking around wearing my 4-inch heels). Well whatever his reason is, I just want to let him know that I was sooo happy with my new Pangharabas footwear. You may check Shoe Salon and Jump if you also want to buy a pair of these Uber comfy yet fasyon footwear.I'm so sorry I wasn't able to upload the better pictures of me wearing the sandals. My computer says there's somthing wrong with the file information of my other pics. Anyway, till next time! Mwah!

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