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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Food Trip

Three days has passed and we're still here in Medical City.. I'm so not into hospital food because it tastes bland. We've already tried almost all the food shop here in Medical City and still, my craving for shawarma still doesn't seem to go away..  There's this particular restaurant in Ortigas that always comes first in my mind whenever I'm thinking of shawarma. I know I can't go there right now but I just want to share my experience in the restaurant. Jacob's Shawarma is located along Sapphire road in Ortigas Center. This restaurant is the home of the real Turkish doner kebab. It's one glorified shawarma I think. Their shawarma comes with a lemon wdge instead of the usual garlic sauce (I guess this makes them pretty unique, huh?). I find  it cool that they change their filling everyday. The price? It depends on the filling but I guess the cheapest is the chicken filling. I'm sure you'll get a full stomach after dining in their place because the size of their shawarma is 12 inches (Whoa!). So when you go to Ortigas, don't forget to try Jacob's Shawarma. It's the best!

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